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WMSURE Students on the Move: Camile Borja, Paris, France

     Camile Borja reflects on her Semester Study Abroad at Sciences Po-Lille 

A semester at Sciences Po-Lille in Paris could be best summarized in three words: études, voyages, et amitiés (studies, travels, and friendships). Sciences-Po Lille is known for being an international university, as their students are required to study abroad. Therefore, my experience was filled with getting to know people from all around the world. Even though the university centers around Political Science (and my focus is Psychology), I was able to take courses in a wide variety of subjects that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to study (e.g. History and Government).


By having every class only once a week (and not having classes on Fridays), I had a lot of time to enjoy my European Adventure. I was able to explore 10 countries and 22 cities throughout Europe. My favorite city was Geneva, Switzerland because of the beautiful sights and friendly people that I encountered. Even though I mostly traveled alone, some of my traveling was done with my friends from Korea, Venezuela, Michigan, Chile, Spain, and Mexico. It was amazing to be able to share my culture and language with people from all around the world and to practice my French in real-world situations. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to be immersed in French culture (regardless of language ability). I hope to go back to Europe one day and reconnect with all my friends that I made throughout my time abroad as well as travel to new countries and experience new cultures.


Camile Borja