Majoring in Public Policy

For Undergraduates

jeffRequired Credit Hours

In addition, the implicit requirements of Economics 101 and 102 add six more credits for the major.

Major Computing Requirement

The Major Computing Requirement is fulfilled by completion of one course listed under "Statistics" and one course listed under "Second Methods Course" in the Common Core of the public policy concentration.

Major Writing Requirement

The Major Writing Requirement can be fulfilled by following the standard procedure for departmental majors in either the Department of Economics or Department of Government.

Capstone Experience

The Capstone Experience is fulfilled by completing Public Policy 490, 491, 495, or 496; or by completing a COLL 400 course in the Department of Government or the Department of Economics.

Core Requirements

There is a set of seven core classes. The remaining 12 hours of required courses for the major must be chosen from the list of approved electives from the Departments of Economics, Government, History, Mathematics, Psychology, Religion, Sociology and the School of Business.

General Requirements
  1. A major in public policy shall consist of a minimum of 33 semester hours.
  2. There is a set of seven common core courses. This includes: Statistics (either Business 231, Economics 307, Mathematics 351 or Sociology 353), Government 350, Government 351, Economics 303, Applied Economics (either Economics 321 or Economics 322), Ethics (either Philosophy 215, Philosophy 303 or Philosophy 305 or Philosophy 310) and a second methods course (either Economics 308, Sociology 352, Government 301 or Government 307).
  3. The remaining 12 hours of required courses for the major must be chosen from the list of electives. While the list of electives includes courses in several topic areas, there is no requirement to take particular sets of courses.