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Standard Concentration

The Standard Concentration in Mathematics is the most flexible of the three concentrations offered, allowing the widest choice of electives. Students who are considering graduate study often pursue this concentration, as do some students aiming for pre-college teaching. The flexible requirements of the concentration are also appropriate for students with other goals.

The Committee on the Undergraduate Program of the Mathematical Association of America has recommended that mathematics majors pursue a kind of in-depth study of mathematics that goes beyond the requirements outlined in the Catalog. Consistent with that recommendation, the department encourages its students to take at least two additional mathematical science courses at the 400-level.

By careful planning, students can build a unifying theme into their study-in-depth option. Relatively common examples are:

  • Algebra in depth: elective courses chosen from MATH 405, 408, 412, 430, and 432
  • Analysis in depth: elective courses chosen from MATH 403, 405, 416, and 428
  • Operations Research/Actuarial Science in depth: elective courses chosen from 323, 413, 424, and 432

Other coherent study-in-depth programs can be designed by students and their advisors.