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Sample Plan: Simulation & Statistical Analysis

The following sample plan of study fulfills the M.S. degree in Computer Science concentrating in Computational Operations Research with an empahsis on Simulation and Statistical Analysis. There are a variety of elective courses that may be substituted for courses listed. All plans of study are subject to the approval of the graduate director.

Fall Semester I
Spring Semester I
  • CSCI 618 Models and Applications of Operations Research
  • MATH 552 Statistics
  • MATH 524 Stochastic Models in Operations Research
Fall Semester II
  • CSCI 688 Design of Experiments
  • CSCI 668 Reliability
  • CSCI 698 Simulation and Modeling Project in Computational Operations Research
Spring Semester II
  • CSCI 678 Statistical Analysis of Simulation Models
  • CSCI 626 Data Analysis and Simulation
  • CSCI 616 Stochastic Models in Computer Science