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The Earl Gregg Swem Library contains over 3.5 million cataloged volumes, microforms, government documents, manuscripts and maps for scholarly research and study. The Library maintains an up-to-date collection of periodicals and books in the mathematical and computing sciences.

The Computer Science department maintains a network of Linux workstations to support the research, curriculum, and publishing needs of faculty and graduate students. The available software includes the discrete-event simulation language Arena, the mathematical programming language AMPL, the text processing languages TeX & LaTeX, the computer algebra system Maple, the scientific computing package MATLAB, and the statistical package S+. The standard suite of GNU tools (xfig, emacs, gvim, mail, etc.) are also available on the mathematics network. This local network is connected to the Internet. 

Additional computational support is provided by SciClone, heterogeneous cluster computing system that supports education and research in large-scale computing. Currently, the cluster consists of 271 nodes with over 600 processing cores, over a terabyte of RAM, and over 34 terabytes of disk storage. Available software includes MATLAB, the LP/IP/MIP solver GuRoBi, AMPL, Arena, Borland and GNU compilers, S+, and the statistical package R.