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Terrapin Excluder Devices

The Keck Lab 3-D prints terrapin excluder devices (TEDs), also known as bycatch reduction devices (BRDs). TEDs are available as 1 3/4 ovals, which we have found to be easier to install and just as effective at excluding terrapins and admitting crabs as the traditional rectangular design. These TEDs comply with VMRC's 5-pot with TED recreational license.

Please consider making a small donation to the Keck Lab with your purchase; funds will go towards student research projects. Donations can be made at to Fund 1720 (Environmental Keck Lab Projects).

This is a pilot program; please contact Madeline Reinsel at [[mbreinsel]] to order TEDs.

You can also 3D print your own TED using our design.

1 3/4 inch TED

TED in a crab trap