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Poster printing prices and guidelines

NOTE: Though we can often print posters on short notice, posters needed within 24 hours of the request cannot be guaranteed. We are only able to print posters during normal business hours.

Procedure requesting to print a poster

  1. Complete the Poster Request Form and email it to Madeline at [[mbreinsel]].
  2. Attach the poster so she can view the poster. She will contact you if there are any issues with printing or billing.
  3. Please return the Poster Request form with a Departmental or Grant account number to bill (the index number). If you do not know your index number, please ask your PI or department admin. No individual accounts (930 numbers) are accepted.
  4. This exchange and the JV form will be then sent to your department. 

Plain paper, no color background and less than 50% poster with color ink.            Price: $30.00

Glossy paper, no color background and less than 50% poster with color ink.          Price: $45.00

Glossy paper, color background or more than 50% poster with color ink.                Price: $70.00

For poster delivery: 

  1. First try to email Madeline the poster.
  2. If it is too large for email, please email Madeline to set up another solution

Madeline will email when the posters are done printing.

1. We have two rolls at 36" and 42". Format the height (width) of your poster to either of these dimensions. Before making your poster in PowerPoint, go to page setup and make it the final size.  Please don’t ask us to scale posters for you.     

2. When making your poster, you must leave a 5/8 inch border around your poster because the plotter can not plot to the edge.  Our widest roll of paper is 42 inches so your guides should leave only 40.75 inches of workspace ( 34.75 for a 36 inch roll) 

3. If you have a number of equations and graphs in Illustrator , save them as a .jpg and bring that into PowerPoint.

4. Please ONLY send posters as ppt, pptx or Adobe PDF.  

5. We do not print black backgrounds.