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Study Abroad

All IR majors are strongly encouraged to take time to study abroad during their undergraduate career.  There are a huge number of options available, covering a universe of times, topics, and locations.  For more information about your choices you should visit the Global Education Office at the Reves Center.

Getting approval for transfer courses
  • IR students ARE permitted to use appropriate, approved courses to meet major requirements. In general, courses will be elective (Part E) courses. Courses that are not IR-related won’t count toward the major, but can be included in the 120 credits required for graduation.
  • Once you have selected a program, get as much information as possible about the courses you are interested in taking. A title or basic catalog description is not sufficient. Often a syllabus or more detailed description is available electronically.
  • Determine what department your course fits with – is it a History course, a Government course, or…? If you aren’t sure, ask  [[kirahm, Prof Rahman]] for advice.
  • You will need to take the pre-approval form (pre-approval form) as well as your supporting information to the relevant department for approval. International Relations courses (e.g. INRL 390 or 480) can be approved by Professor Rahman. For transfer credit from other departments participating in the International Relations Major (Economics, Government, History, and Sociology), you will need the approval of the relevant faculty member in that department, listed on the back of the pre-approval form.
  • If you can’t round up the necessary information in advance, or if you find that your plans change once you arrive at your destination, all is not lost.  For advice about whether a class for which you haven’t sought approval (or for which you didn’t have information) might be appropriate, e-mail [[kirahm, Prof Rahman]] for advice.  Make sure to save all your course materials, and bring them back to W&M with you. These will form the basis for your post-approval application.