Guidelines for Cross-listed Courses

Offering Cross-Listed, Recommended, and Core GSWS Courses:

The Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Program offers its students three types of courses, enabling them to design majors specific to their own interdisciplinary interests. We offer core curriculum courses within the program; cross-listed courses, which deal extensively with issues relevant to women, gender, and/or feminist theory, and may also reflect a feminist pedagogy in the instructor's approach; and also recommended courses, which treat GSWS issues for approximately one-third of the course.

GSWS Criteria for Cross-listed and Recommended Courses:

Courses in all disciplines will be considered for recommendation to GSWS majors and minors, and may have a broad or a very specific focus.

A significant portion of the content of recommended courses should address (through readings and discussion) gender and/or women within the context of the disciplinary or topical focus of the course itself.

Courses cross-listed with GSWS should contribute to the overall GSWS education of our majors. Generally such courses incorporate feminist theoretical paradigms, approaches, and/or methodologies; and seek to move beyond and/or transform mono-disciplinary perspectives.

Although pedagogical style is not a criterion for cross-listing, courses cross-listed with GSWS generally aim to encourage student participation.

Note: Faculty members teaching courses cross-listed with GSWS should be aware that students enrolling in these courses will come to them with expecting the courses to fulfill the program's aims:

GSWS is an interdisciplinary program designed to acquaint students with current scholarship on women and gender, to introduce them to feminist theory and research, and to provide opportunities and support for students to engage in feminist activism. The GSWS curriculum offers students the opportunity to critically examine cultural assumptions about gender, race, class, ethnicity, and sexual orientation in light of information made available by new theories and research. The GSWS major prepares students who wish to gain a strong interdisciplinary perspective in advance of employment and/or graduate or professional training.


To have a new course considered for cross-listing or recommendation, send a copy of the syllabus to the GSWS Director, Morton Hall 322, and indicate whether you are seeking to have it cross-listed or recommended. We generally need to know which courses will be recommended a month prior to registration, and those to be cross-listed should be sent to us well in advance of registration, while the course schedule is being assembled.

The GSWS Curriculum Committee approves all new courses for cross-listing. Once the course has been accepted, the Committee Chair contacts the relevant department chair to ensure that the department is aware of and amenable to the proposed cross-listing. At this time a cross-listing agreement form will be sent to both the department chair and the director of GSWS for signature. Once signed, the agreement form will be sent to Registration, with copies for file to both the relevant department and the GSWS program.

If you plan to teach a course that has been approved as cross-listed or recommended in a previous year, please e-mail the GSWS Director with the course name, number, meeting time and, when you know it, location.

If you would like to teach directly in the program's core courses, contact the GSWS Director and, if you can, attend our annual planning meeting. GSWS periodically reviews and revises its core curriculum, and new courses are added to the program after being carefully considered in their link to existing core requirements.