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Law Related Courses

The following are courses related to the study of the law. They are in no way required by law schools. There are NO course prerequisites for law school. However, if you are interested in getting some exposure to the law these are some classes (not necessarily an exhaustive list) that you might consider.

  • GOVT 150 Topical Judicial Politics Freshman Seminars (Sasser)
  • GOVT 372 American Legal Process (Nemacheck, Sasser)
  • GOVT 373 Civil Rights/Civil Liberties (Nemacheck, Sasser)
  • GOVT 4XX Topical Judicial Politics Seminars (Nemacheck, Sasser)
  • GOVT 326 International Law (Rahman)
  • BUAD 203 Principles of Accounting (Dafashy/Smith/Stump)
  • BUAD 342 Commercial Law/Business Organizations
  • BUAD 343 Legal Environment of Business (Stauffer)
  • BUAD 405 Federal Taxation (Howard)
  • BUAD 406 Adv. Federal Taxation (Hinchliffe)
  • ECON 362 Government Regulation of Business (Parman, Stafford)
  • ECON 460 Economic Analysis of Law (Stafford)
  • PHIL 210 Introduction to Critical Thinking (Tucker)
  • PHIL 301 Symbolic Logic (Gert)
  • PHIL 310 Philospophy of Law (Freiman)
  • PHIL 460 Advanced Logic