Concentration in AMES

The AMES multidisciplinary program aims to enrich our understanding of a broadly conceived “Asia” in relation to other parts of the world. Representing the languages and cultures practiced by more than half of the world’s population, the AMES program includes the study of history, politics, religion, literature, fine and media arts, expressive and ritual culture, and the major languages of the region.

Students declaring a concentration in AMES choose either the East Asian Studies or Middle Eastern Studies track, and meet with an advisor to create a plan of study with the supplied worksheet. This worksheet must then be filed with a major declaration form with one of the current co-directors of the major. Concentrators must complete courses from thirteen "lines" of a menu system, where each line includes one or more courses. Once a course is counted under a line, it cannot be counted elsewhere. Students should keep in mind that not all courses listed as eligible for the AMES concentration are offered each year and should work closely with her or his advisor to ensure the plan of study is viable.

See the undergraduate catalog for major requirements for each track: