COLL100 / 150 Subcommittee

EPC delegates the review of COLL 100 and COLL 150 proposals to an appointed subcommittee, which recommends approval to the full committee. The subcommittee consists of at least seven (7) members: 

  • 1 EPC elected faculty member
  • 1 faculty member with knowledge of teaching writing
  • 2 faculty members to round out disciplinary areas represented
  • 1 staff member, information literacy (W&M Libraries)
  • 1 staff member, instructional technology (APeL)
  • 1 staff member, theory and practice of communication

Subcomittee members serve 1-year, renewable terms and meet at least monthly during the academic semesters.

2017-18 Subcommittee Members
  • Carey Bagdassarian, Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Mike Blum, Associate Provost for eLearning
  • Randy Coleman, Chemistry, EPC
  • Georgia Irby, Classical Studies
  • Steve Otto, A&S Director of Communications
  • Paul Showalter, Swem Library
  • Sharon Zuber, English (chair)