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Computer Science

In the 2009-10 academic year the Computer Science  Honors Program  began awarding Honors only to student research projects. The projects listed below have been defended successfully, and a copy of the thesis deposited in Swem Library.

  • Student, "Thesis" (Honors level)
    Committee Chair + Other Committee Members
  • No honors students this year 
  • No Honors students this year
  • James Bieron, "Two-stage Fitting of BRDF Models" (Honors) 
    Pieter Peers + Michael Lewis, Weizhen Mao and Anke van Zuylen
  • No Honors students this year
  • No Honors students this year
  • William Cline, "A Prototype for In Situ Packet Filtering" (High Honors)
    Phil Kearns + Dimitrios Nikolopoulos, Rex Kincaid
  • James Dzierwa, "A Power Model for Power-Aware Dynamic Thread Control in High-Performance Multiprocessor Systems" (Highest Honors)
    Dimitrios Nikolopoulos + Phil Kearns, Paul Heideman
  • Wyatt Chaffee, "A Shared Channel Technique for Optimal Performance in Optical Burst Shared Networks" (High Honors)
    Haining Wang + Bruce Lowekamp, Qun Li, Rex Kincaid
  • Anne Huang, "Strategic Filtering and Analysis of TCP ApplicationTraffic for Improved Network Monitoring" (Honors)
    Bruce Lowekamp + Phil Kearns, Don Campbell
  • Keywan Tabatabai, "Identifying Web Server's IP Fingerprint" (High Honors)
    Haining Wang + Xiaodong Zhang, Phil Kearns, Vladimir Bolotnikov
  • George Zagaris, "Orthogonal Unstructured Mesh Generation for Highly Deformable Bodies" (Honors)
    Nikos Chrisochoides + Bob Noonan, Bruce Lowekamp, Michael Lewis
  • Benjamin Cox, "ConcernEditor: a Prototype Editor for Software Plans" (Highest Honors)
    D. Coppit
  • Evan McCreedy, "A Fault-Tolerant and Adaptive Implementation of mpiBLAST for Large-Scale or Distributed Heterogeneous Clusters" (High Honors)
    D. Nikolopoulos
  • Samuel Small, "Perceived Bandwidth and Topology-based Clique Selectino for Network Monitoring" (High Honors)
    B. Lowekamp
  • Xiomara Maya, "Multiple Sequence Alighment with MP-Score" (Honors)
    W. Mao
  • Eric Rozier, " Non-Parametric Estimatiom of the Cumulatine Intensity Function for a Non-Homogeneous Service Process" (Honors)
    L. Leemis
  • Ryan Shipley, "On Efficient Skyline Computation" (High Honors)
    P. Godfrey
  • Mark Fashing, "Adventures in Non-photorealism: Creating a Painterly Renderer" (Highest Honors)
    R. Prosl
  • Eric Koskinen, "IP Substitution as a Building Block for Fault Tolerance in Stateless Distributed Network Services" (Highest Honors)
    P. Kearns
  • Adam Gurson, "Simplex Search Behavior in Nonlinear Optimization" (Highest Honors)
    V. Torczon
  • Christopher Siefert, "Model-Assisted Pattern Search" (Highest Honors)
    V. Torczon
  • Elizabeth Dolan,"Pattern Search Behavior in Nonlinear Optimization" (Highest Honors)
    V. Torczon
  • Brandon Mitchell, "Casually Ordered Message Passing in MPI" (High Honors)
    P. Kearns
  • Brad Arkin, "Algebraic Structures in Feistel Ciphers and an Analysis of GOST" (Highest Honors)
    W. Bynum
  • Jesse Chappell, "Unifying the Workstation Cluster: A Kernel-Level Facility for Remote Process Execution and Signaling" (Highest Honors)
    P. Kearns
  • Paul Pruitt, "An Asynchronous Checkpoint and Rollback Facility for Distributed Computations" (Highest Honors)
    P. Kearns
  • Matthew Schimid, "A Multi-Tasking Mobile Robot Operating System Supporting the Subsumption Architecture" (Honors)
    W. Bynum
  • Neal Cardwell, "Causally-Structured Output Streams for Distributed Computations" (Highest Honors)
    P. Kearns
  • Nathan Carr, "Marching Pyramids: Reconstructing Isosurfaces with Body Centered Cubic Lattice Data" (High Honors)
    R. Prosl
  • Brian Dewey, "Kernel-Level Implementation of an Encrypting FIle System" (Highest Honors)
    P. Kearns
  • James Eanes, "2D Visualization Algorithms on Random Grids" (Honors)
    Richard Prosi
  • Craig Chaney, "The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Subsumption Architecture in Robotics Programming" (Honors)
    W. Bynum
  • Heji Kim, "Markov Chain Compaction" (Highest Honors)
    G. Ciardo
  • Tin Siladin, "A Scan Conversion Algorighm for Line Segments in 3D Discrete Voxel Space(High Honors)
    R. Noonan
  • Gregory Miller, "An Object-Oriented Framework for Compiler Construction" (High Honors)
    R. Noonan
  • Bruce Childers, "Program Source File Compaction" (Honors)
    P. Kearns
  • Daniel O'Brien, (Honors)
  • Steven Bondi, "Priority Queue Algorithms and the Multi-Server Queue Model" (Honors)
    S. Park
  • Stephen Harvey, "A Simulation Analysis of Mobile-Servers on a Congested Network" (High Honors)
    S. Park
  • Emily West, "A Blast Protocol for File Transfer in the Ethernet Environment" (High Honors)
    P. Kearns
  • Donna Wood, "Production Systems in Grammar Form" (Honors)
    R. Collins
  • Michael Ryan, "The Synthesis of Autonomous Navigation Systems for Mobile Robots" (High Honors)
    W. Bynum
  • Evan Zweifel, "Extend: and Extensible Compiler System Based on Automatically-Generated Grammars" (High Honors)
    R. Collins
  • Christopher Payne, "Tangle: and Experimental Environment for Expert Systems Research" (High Honors)
    L. Morell
  • Robert Rhoad, "A Semantically Driven Database Management System" (Honors)
    W. Bynum
  • Curt Richter, "micPas: an Experiment in High Level Microprogramming" (High Honors)
    W. Bynum
  • Stephen Lucas, "Transformational Modeling in Diagnosing Novice Programmer Misconceptions"
    L. Morell
  • Andrew Jewell, "PargenPlus: an Introspective, Knowledge-Based LR Parser Generator Supporting Direct State Access and Bi-Level Ambiguity" (High Honors)
    R. Collins
  • Frederick Stevens, "Object Oriented, Graphics Based, Abstraction Language (OOGBAL)"
    L. Morell
  • Sandra Whitworth, "New Results on the Change-Making Problem" (High Honors)
    P. Stockmeyer