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The privilege of pursuing an honors project is granted to those students who display an aptitude for performing at a level beyond that normally required for A work in a senior computer science course. The decision to grant honors will depend on the honors committee's evaluation of the student and of the honors project with respect to three criteria.

  1. Complexity or difficulty of project. The honors project should be a substantial undertaking. It should be more than a project in a senior level computer science course.
  2. Ability to do independent work. This criterion exhibits how well the student has synthesized his or her studies in computer science. A student who devises his or her own honors topic or who needs little supervision and help for the honors project demonstrates the ability to do independent work.
  3. Originality. An innovative project is of more value. Innovation in a software project includes originality in design, application, algorithm, or implementation. Innovation in a theoretical project includes original results in the form of theorems, algorithms, or proofs.

When a student's work does not, in the opinion of the committee, meet the minimum requirements for honors, the student's supervisor will determine what grade should be granted.

The Charles Center, which oversees the honors program, has posted a great deal of helpful information about departmental honors. Students considering an honors thesis might find it helpful to review past honors theses  in Computer Science.

Swem Library has posted guidelines for formatting and submitting the thesis electronically. In addition, honors students must turn in a full copy of the completed thesis to the Computer Science Department office.