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May Seminars Program

Our Seminar program is temporarily paused as a result of the COVID-19. Please check back for updates.

This program is administered by the Committee on Honors and Interdisciplinary Studies (CHIS) and is designed to support faculty collaborations and seminars for specific curriculum development or teaching improvement objectives.

In most cases, projects related to the new COLL curriculum will be supported by the Center for the Liberal Arts. All other projects are eligible for funding under this program. 

Upcoming proposal deadline TBA. 

1.  Because of the limited budget this year, the Committee encourages proposals for one- or two-day “retreats” designed for groups of faculty to coordinate on specific curricular or teaching topics.  For example, a department might want to organize a one-day retreat to discuss how it might want to adjust its curriculum to maximize its fit with the new curriculum.

2.  All full- or part-time faculty with a contract for a teaching position at William and Mary after the summer of the grant are eligible to propose, or participate in, a May Seminar. 

3.  While seminars under this program usually take place in May, this is not a requirement of the program. Seminars may be scheduled at any time that is convenient for participants.

4.  Individual projects are not eligible for this program.

5.  Projects eligible for consideration under the College's summer research grant program are not eligible for this program.

6.  Please contact your department's IT liaison if you are proposing a project that involves educational technology. Liaisons should be involved in the process as early as possible to make sure that technical elements of the project are achievable.

7.  Participants in a May Seminar will each receive a stipend of $100/day, or the equivalent for a different period of time. 


Principles and Guidelines.

Please contact the Charles Center with any questions.