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Byrd, Mitchell A.
Chancellor Professor Emertius
Office: Dillard Complex, Minson Galt House, Room 202
Office Phone: 757-221-2236

Norm Fashing

Fashing, Norman
Professor Emeritus
Office: Millington Hall 210
Phone: 757 221 2221
Email: [[njfash]]
Webpage: {{http://njfash.people.wm.edu/}}

George Gilchrist

Gilchrist, George W.
Emeritus Professor
Current Position: Program Director, Division of Environmental Biology, National Science Foundation
Phone: 703-292-7138
Email: ggilchrist@nsf.gov

Bruce Grant

Grant, Bruce
Professor Emeritus
Phone: 434-293-0617
Email: brucegrant@centurylink.net
Webpage: {{http://bsgran.people.wm.edu/}}

Stanton Hoegerman

Hoegerman, Stanton
Professor Emeritus
Office: Integrated Science Center 2141
Phone: 757 221 2240
Email: [[sfhoeg]]
Webpage: {{http://sfhoeg.people.wm.edu/}}

Scott Thumbnail

Scott, Joseph
Professor Emeritus
Office: Millington Hall 102
Phone: 757 221 2241
Email: [[jlscot]]
Webpage: {{http://jlscot.people.wm.edu/}}

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Ware, Donna
Emeritus Research Associate Professor
Office: Millington Hall 15
Phone: 757 221 2799
Email: dmeware@verizon.net
Webpage: {{http://dmware.people.wm.edu/}}

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Ware, Stewart
Professor Emeritus
Office: Millington 204
Phone: 757 221 2233
Email: [[saware]]
Webpage: {{http://saware.people.wm.edu/}}

Lawrence Wiseman

Wiseman, Lawrence
Professor Emeritus
Email: llwise@gmail.com
Webpage: {{http://llwise.people.wm.edu}}