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Lawrence Wiseman

Professor Emeritus


Areas of Specialization

Developmental Biology: Cell movement and adhesion in embryonic development.

Evolution: Industrial melanism in American peppered moths.

Higher Education: Academic leadership, intercollegiate athletics, science education.

Rock Art: Ancient rock art representations of birds in the American Southwest.


A.B., Hiram College, 1966; M.A., Ph.D., Princeton University, 1969, 1970

Academic Positions

Visiting Professor of Biology, Colorado State University, 2008-


Assistant, Associate, Professor of Biology, College of William & Mary, 1971, 1977,

1986-2004 (Chair, 1982-87, 1988-93, 1996-2004)

Special Assistant to the Provost, College of William & Mary, 1989

Special Assistant to the President, University of Colorado, 1987-88

Visiting Scientist, Human Leukemia Program, The Ontario Cancer Institute and The

University of Toronto, 1974-75