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Honors Application

There are three components to the Honors application:

The Honors Prospectus Format

The prospectus is about 5 pages, double spaced, and typed. It must contain the following information:

  • Cover sheet: the title of the research project, the name of the student candidate and the name of the Thesis Director
  • Text: The text must discuss the following issues:
    • Introduction: Describe the research theme and major anthropological problems that this thesis will discuss.
    • Theoretical perspective: State what anthropological perspective(s) will be deployed in order to analyze the research theme.
    • Preliminary literature review: Give preliminary review of some seminal theories and research findings by other scholars that are directly related to the thesis.
    • Potential contributions: Identify potential contributions that you intend to make for advancing anthropological knowledge.
    • Research strategy: Describe research methodology and tools.
    • Preliminary time schedule: Indicate important deadlines for completing various tasks between September and mid-April of senior year.
    • Bibliography: Include relevant anthropological literature and address the availability and utility of primary and secondary sources for this project.
Charles Center application form

Download and fill out as indicated from the Charles Center.


Use a copy of the official transcript issued by the Registrar's Office.