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W&M Scholars Award

Opportunity. Excellence. Diversity. Research.

The William & Mary Scholars Award is presented each year to a small group of academically exceptional students who will add to the diversity of campus. Building on our core value of diversity, we strive to be a place where equity and inclusion are integral parts of all we do. The William & Mary Scholars Award helps us to create a community that is representative of individuals with different backgrounds, talents and skills.

Every applicant is eligible for the award, however, the majority of the recipients typically fall into one or more of the following categories: (1) a first-generation college student; (2) has a history of overcoming significant adversity; (3) a member of an underrepresented racial or ethnic group; (4) a member of a low-income family.

The William & Mary Scholars Undergraduate Research Experience (WMSURE) supports recipients of the William & Mary Scholars Award with workshops, guidance and social opportunities designed to instill an interest in academic research. This unique program was developed to provide resources to Scholars to pursue undergraduate research experiences at William & Mary, and to encourage Scholars to continue in their research pursuits at the graduate level. WMSURE students participate in workshops every week during the academic year and several times during the summer. Students have the opportunity to conduct research on campus year round led by WMSURE faculty mentors.

Guidelines for the William & Mary Scholars Award
  1. The award will be renewed each year as long as a student remains enrolled.
  2. The value of the award each year will be equal to the total of in-state tuition and standard fees (not inclusive of course fees, study abroad fees, etc.).
  3. Eligibility is restricted to eight semesters of undergraduate study. Coverage is not available during summer.
  4. The award, when combined with any other grants received from William & Mary or outside sources cannot in any year exceed the full, College-determined cost of education for that year.
  5. Students enrolled in the St Andrews Joint Degree Programme will be covered up to the cost of the regular in-state tuition and fees. The additional St Andrews tuition will not be paid through the W&M Scholar Award.