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September 25-27, 2019

Schedule | Full Agenda | Minutes (draft)

Pre-reading Materials

Ad Hoc Committee (Tenured & Tenured-Eligible Faculty Career Paths)
Ad Hoc Committee (W&M Benchmark Study)
Ad Hoc Committee (W&M Diversity Dashboard)
Administration, Buildings & Grounds (Capital Outlay Projects Update)
Administration, Buildings & Grounds (College Building Official Report)
Financial Affairs (2020-2026 Six-Year Plan Narrative)
Financial Affairs (FY20 Operating Budget Proposal Resolution 26)
Financial Affairs (FY 20 Operating Budget Summary)
Financial Affairs (FY20 Auxiliary Enterprises Detail)
Financial Affairs (FY20 E&G Operating Budget Detail)
Financial Affairs (FY20 Financial Aid Detail)
Financial Affairs (FY20 Private Funds Detail)
Financial Affairs (FY20 Sponsored Programs Detail)
Institutional Advancement (University Advancement Update)
Richard Bland College (2018-2019 Year End Operating Budget Update)
Richard Bland College (2020-2026 Six-Year Plan Narrative)
Richard Bland College (Administrative Update)
Richard Bland College (Faculty Representative)
Richard Bland College (Student Employment Review)
Richard Bland College (Student Representative)
Student Experience (Athletics)
Student Experience (Fall 2019 Alumni Magazine:  W&M Wellness at Forefront)
Student Experience (Health & Wellness)
Student Experience (W&M Data from NFSHA 2018 Report)
Tuition (Guidelines for W&M Public Comment Period on Tuition/Fee Increases)
VIMS - Administration, Buildings & Grounds (Capital Outlay Projects Update)
VIMS - Financial Affairs (2020-2026 Six-Year Plan Narrative)
VIMS - Financial Affairs (Operating Budget Summary)

Presentations & Reports

Academic Affairs (Rankings Update)
Ad Hoc Committee (Organizational Sustainability & Innovation)
Administration, Buildings & Grounds
Audit, Risk & Compliance
Financial Affairs
Health & Wellness Update
Richard Bland College
Positioning Study (Simpson Scarborough - Quantitative Research Findings)
Undergraduate Admission Update
University Advancement Update
VIMS - Administration, Buildings & Grounds
VIMS - Financial Affairs

July 24-25, 2019

Schedule | Minutes

Pre-reading Materials

Athletics: Tribe 2025
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Key Points
Moving Forward: Diversity & Inclusion Work

Presentations & Reports

Athletics: Tribe 2025
Financial Sustainability & Innovation
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 101
Moving Forward: Diversity & Inclusion Work
Strategic Planning 2019-20