List of Accounts

A unique WMuserid is assigned to faculty, staff and students at the College. This user name is needed for all IT services and for business and administrative systems at W&M. Some faculty, staff and students may be assigned other user names but the WMuserid is the official means for accessing central College systems. For example, employees of the School of Business and VIMS cannot use their departmental- or agency-specific accounts to access myWM or departmental shared network drives (G:).

Accounts (access to IT services)

With very few exceptions, WMuserids for new faculty, staff and students are created automatically. Generally, IT services are accessed using the WMuserid; a summary of automatic and by request services is provided below.

For more information, see the WMuserid Account page.

In an instance where the WMuserid will not be created automatically, please use Request IT to request an affiliate account. A WMuserid will not be created automatically for:

  • volunteers
  • visiting professors who are not teaching
  • affiliated individuals who are not students, not employees and not teaching

For assistance with accounts, please contact the Technology Support Center at 757-221-4357 (HELP) or [[support]].

Banner Admin (formerly known as INB)

An account on the Banner administrative system allows access to modules in Banner Admin. Specific access is dependent on each user's privileges. Users who attend Banner Navigation Training will be instructed on access to the system.

Quick Access Links for Banner.

Request process: Login to Request IT.  Submit the Banner Access Request form.

Banner Web - Self Service Application

This account allows access to the Banner Self Service application via myWM. Students use Banner Web to register for classes, accept financial aid awards, update emergency contacts and view their own academic records. Faculty use Banner Web to process registration permission overrides, enter grades and view student information. Access Banner Self Service through a button on the myWM webpage.

Request process: Automatically provided to users based on their roles (faculty, student, employee)


Faculty, staff and students have accounts on the Blackboard server, which is a learning management system providing web access to course materials. Access is available through myWM or by directly visiting

Request process: Automatically provided

Box (used for secure file sharing - 100GB quota for faculty and staff)

A Box account allows for secure file sharing with others both on and off campus. Get started using Box

Request process:  Current faculty and staff are automatically provided access to Box.  Faculty emeritus may request access by sending an email to [[support]] and affiliates may be provided Box access during the account request process.

Campus Domain (G: Drive, H: Drive, P: Drive)

Allows faculty and staff to log in to a collection of IT servers for access to shared network resources such as an H: drive for personal space (2GB for faculty and staff and 500MB for students), extensive group space (G: drive), and public file sharing space (P: drive).

The H: Drive provides 2GB of personal storage space for faculty and staff and 500MB for students. In public labs and offices this is automatically mapped as the H: drive, but it can also be accessed from residence halls by mapping a drive. Off-campus access is available using a secure FTP client with the host name You'll need to provide your WMuserid and password. To request an increase in your H: drive, send an email to [[support]]; charges may apply.

Request process: Automatically provided except Group Space (G: drive). Departmental representative may contact the TSC at 757-221-4357 (HELP) or [[support]] to request G: drive access for new faculty and staff.

Department Account

Department accounts are primarily used for email accounts accessed by multiple staff members. Use the following process to request an account:

  • Send an email to [[support]] requesting a department account explaining the need for the account.
  • Our account staff will contact you to discuss the request and verify the department account is the best solution.
  • If approved, the account will be created and ID/password information will be sent to you in a secure mailer via campus mail. (You'll be responsible for resetting the password annually and verifying the account is still needed.)

Email (2GB for faculty and staff; unlimited space for accounts hosted by Google)

The default W&M email address for faculty and staff is the and is hosted by Outlook.

The default W&M email address for students is the and is hosted by Google.

Faculty and staff may request an alias for this default email address. For instance, if your default email address is, you may request an alias such as or If the alias you request is available, your WMuserid (txjefferson) would not change; however, email sent to or would be directed to your mailbox. To request an alias for your email address, contact [[support]].

We are not able to offer alias addresses for student email accounts.

The faculty/staff Exchange email server supports MAPI and IMAP4. Web-based access to your email is available in myWM -

More information about Google WMApps/student email.

Request process: Automatically provided

IKON Copier Account

Some IKON multi-functional copiers have the capability to scan documents to a network drive, in addition to scanning to email. Use the following process to request one of these accounts:

  • Verify with the Copy Center the copier has the scan to network drive feature.
  • Send an email to [[support]] requesting a department account for your IKON copier to scan directly to a folder on your department G drive.
  • An ID will be created with permissions to only access a subfolder on your G drive. The Windows engineers will work with you to create the folder and permissions.
  • ID/password information will be sent to you. (You'll be responsible for resetting the password annually and verifying the account is still needed.)
  • Contact the Copy Center to complete the setup.


myWM is located at Many services for students, faculty, and staff, including email, Banner and Blackboard are available on this page.

Request process: Automatically provided


From the standpoint of IT services, your WMuserid and password are the key to your network resources (and identity) at W&M. This means that if your password is compromised (i.e., shared with others or guessable by others), confidential information, such as student grades, sensitive research and email, can be accessed by others. View our recommendations about password security.

To activate your WMuserid or change your password, please visit To activate your account at this site, you will need your WMuserid and the randomized, temporary password you received in a secure mailer from IT.

UNIX Shell/Statistics Server (counts toward the H: Drive quota)

This account, on IT Unix servers, allows SSH access to a Unix shell, advanced statistical computation, and the H: Drive network storage described above. It is available through SSH at using your WMusername and password.

Request process: Automatically provided

Web Sites

An account on the main College web server allows access to departmental, group and organizational web space. All departmental websites are accessible online at[your department group folder]

View details about the College Web Server.

Request process: Send email to [[support]]

WMApps (unlimited storage)

WMApps is hosted by Google and provides email, calendar, file storage and other services to students.  Faculty and staff may also request a WMApps account.  More information about Google WMApps/student email.

Request process:  W&M Students are automatically provided access to WMApps.  W&M faculty and staff my also request a WMApps account by sending an email to [[support]].