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Skull and Student

Old Haunts

Whether it’s Halloween or just your average day in the ‘burg, if you spend an extended amount of time on our historic campus, you might just experience the paranormal – whether you go hunting for it or not.

24 Hour Play

Write a play in 24 hours?

Writing a play is no small feat. Having to write a play in under 24 hours with certain prompts and a cast full of various talents is a challenge that Shakespeare himself would likely shy away from.


Carnival of Colors

Each spring, William & Mary students band together in the Sunken Garden where they silence stereotypes and rejoice in their differences by participating in the Hindu Festival of Colors known as Holi.


Picture this

Students enrolled in Eliot Dudik’s Introduction to Photography class are using large-format cameras to capture images that are well-exposed, well-developed and well-printed in their own darkroom and photo classroom.

Wren Ten

Wren Ten

Every Wednesday night at 10 p.m., one of W&M’s {em}a cappella{/em} groups crowds into the Wren Portico for an up-close-and-personal look at world-class {em}a cappella{/em} in action.

Capitol Connections

Capitol Connections

Nestled in the heart of D.C., the William & Mary Washington Center supports faculty, staff and student initiatives and facilitates access to resources in the area.

Bhangra is Bangin

Bhangra is Bangin'

Every year, the William & Mary Bhangra team’s choreography becomes more complex, the outfits more elaborate, the routines inflected with more funky influences and the beats even more infectious.

Secret Societies

Shhhhh....It's A Secret

The origins of collegiate secret societies are shrouded in the mists of time and in, well, secrecy.

Swem's Gems

Swem’s Gems

While some may view university records—at any school—as boring, our university archivist thinks they’re pretty “sexy.”