William & Mary Style

Picture this

After two years of work and planning, the lights didn’t go on in William & Mary’s Andrews Hall 215. And that’s a good thing.

Kayla Sharpe and Paula Reid
Capitol Connections

You’ve probably heard the saying: It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. We think the 'what you know' is incredibly important, but a network of 'who you know' is invaluable as you map your future.

Carnival of Colors

Each spring, William & Mary students throw on their white T-shirts and band together in the Sunken Garden where they silence stereotypes and rejoice in their differences by participating in the Hindu Festival of Colors known as Holi.

Swem’s Gems

While some may view university records—at any school—as boring, our university archivist thinks they’re pretty "sexy."

The Wren Building at Night
Shhhhh....It's A Secret

Occasionally, a visitor to William & Mary will be talking to one of us and suddenly ask us a question. "What's the story," they want to know, "with these secret societies here at the university."

No Mere Mortal Can Resist

William & Mary students have pride for the Tribe, there's no doubt about that. In the middle of crunching for exams, they still find time to dance.

The W&M Bhangra Dance Team
Bhangra is Bangin'

Bhangra is the perfect cultural mash-up. This traditional dance from the Punjab region of India is the kind of high-energy, beat-driven, wildly colorful phenomenon that seamlessly absorbs musical influences-dancehall, hip-hop-without losing its roots.

Randi Lassiter holds her neuron pin
Neural Bling

It's expected that some graduates of William and Mary's interdisciplinary neuroscience program will wear their hearts on their sleeves as they march for commencement--but all of them will be wearing a bit of brain on their robes.

The Wren at 10
Wren Ten

William & Mary gets a little crazy about a cappella. With 5,500 undergraduates and 11 different a cappella groups with an average of 15 members each, that means... well, you do the math.

The Campus Tour
All That and They Can Walk Backwards

William & Mary tour guides, bless their volunteery souls, work for free. But their value as recruiting tools is immeasurable, kicking the pants off of direct mail, glossy view books and college fairs combined.