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Key Actions

Below are key actions in direct response to the President's Task Force Report (2015).
  • Affirmed the Title IX Office/Coordinator as having centralized oversight responsibility for sexual assault education, prevention, intervention, investigation, student support and compliance-related issues.
  • Launched campus-wide poster campaign, distributing informational posters (pdf) to all residence halls, academic buildings, libraries, administrative and student life buildings. Posters include information about where survivors of sexual assault can (1) seek medical care, (2) speak with someone confidentially and (3) make a report. Posters are in restroom facilities and on public posting boards.
  • Expanded bystander intervention education and training as part of new student orientation, with required follow-up programs continuing into the fall semester. Sessions include an enhanced focus on the definitions and implications of "consent" and "incapacitation" in the context of sexual interactions and decision-making.

  • Distributed a specially-designed informational flyer to every student living in campus housing.

  • Hired a full-time investigator in the Office of Compliance/Title IX Office.

  • Created a new full-time sexual assault education and prevention specialist position, with a search to begin early in the fall semester.

  • Reorganized existing staffing resources to hire a full-time, professional coordinator for The Haven, W&M's new center for advocacy and information regarding sexual violence and harassment.

  • Expanded W&M Police's crime prevention capacity by certifying an additional officer through the American Crime Prevention Institute (ACPI); thus, WMPD now has an additional Crime Prevention Specialist in the department.

  • Completed additional required training for every W&M Police officer in (2) Investigation of Sex Crimes for Campus Police and (2) Public Safety and Bystander Intervention.

  • Updated  the sexual misconduct policy to reflect recent federal and state legislation.

  • Revised the procedures for resolving complaints of sexual misconduct; a reliance on specially-trained investigators (as opposed to volunteer hearing panels) will allow complaints to be resolved more promptly, expertly, and equitably – final approval pending.

  • Created a coordinating committee, to be chaired by the Dean of Students, to continue the work of the President’s Task Force.

  • Enhanced the W&M website to include a robust, single portal for sexual violence information (how to get help, making a report, policies and procedures, etc.).

  • Scheduled discussions of the campus climate survey with members of the fraternity/sorority community as well as with chapter advisors (September).