Meyer, Leisa
Faculty Advisor
Office: College Apartments 203
Email: [[ldmeye]]
Regional Areas of Research: United States
Thematic Areas of Research: Cultural/Intellectual, Popular Culture and Media, Women, Gender, and Sexuality

Kelsey Smoot

Smoot, Kelsey
Graduate Fellow, 2017-2018
Email: [[e|klsmoot]]
Research Interests: Queer Studies, Race/Racism, Cultural Studies, Social Movements

Jennifer Ross

Ross, Jennifer
Former Graduate Fellow, 2016-2017
Email: [[e|jnross]]
Research Interests: Contemporary American literature, Literary and Cultural Theory, Modern American History, Biopolitics, Histories and Theories of Race, Disaster Studies, Urban Studies, Digital Humanities

Jan Huebenthal

Huebenthal, Jan
Former Graduate Fellow, 2015-2016
Email: [[e|jhuebenthal]]
Research Interests: Queer Studies, HIV/AIDS activism, Gender studies, Cultural studies, Disability Studies, American History (20th century).