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Faculty Assembly Resolution on Same-Sex Partner Benefits

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September 24, 2013

Whereas over 300 colleges and universities across the country, both public and private, are now granting same-sex domestic partner benefits to their faculties as a routine part of their compensation package, and

Whereas state institutions of higher education in Virginia suffer from a distinct disadvantage in attracting and retaining qualified scholars and teachers by not offering such benefits, and

Whereas the cost of such benefits has proven to be small, and

Whereas same-sex domestic partner benefits are already offered by many corporations within the Commonwealth, in businesses such as information technology and financial services vital to the growth of the Commonwealth, and in multinational corporations whose business the Commonwealth desires,

the Faculty Assembly of the College of William & Mary resolves that all benefits associated with employment at the College of William & Mary should be extended to all employees as appropriate to their employment status, without regard to sexual orientation or gender identity. Benefit equality specifically includes, but is not limited to, same-sex domestic partner benefits.

We urge the state universities in the Commonwealth to eliminate the existing discrimination in benefits as soon as possible.