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Amy Wilkerson

Laboratory and Research Manager

W&M Office
Office Phone
Lab : ISC3, 1223
Lab Phone: (757) 221-3819
E-mail Address: [[alwilk]]


As the Laboratory and Research Manager, Amy Wilkerson applies knowledge of supervisory principles and practices and applies knowledge of assigned technical or research information.  She participates or leads in the design, modification and performance of laboratory or research projects.  She has frequent contact with principal investigators, research faculty, laboratory personnel and students to discuss policies, procedures, and methodology.  She also coordinates research projects, reports and interpret results, and provides consultation along with technical assistance.  Her responsibilities include designing and directing complex research projects in consultation with a principal investigator, modifying and developing laboratory and field procedures, quality control processes and work methods, reviewing scientific work results, hiring and training personnel or students, approving procurement, budgeting, and other administrative duties.  In addition, she teaches a laboratory section of college level students.  Amy is focused on accurate scientific testing and quality control for research and consultation.  Her supervision minimizes errors in laboratory findings or research, and impacts the success of grant proposals and scientific findings.  Her work also impacts the health, safety and well being of the general public, the environment, industry, research, and animal health and welfare. She independently supervises laboratory research operation to include business functions and accountability for services provided to administrators, faculty, and other users.  Amy is responsible for program and staff supervision and leads teams or special projects as needed.   She insures compliance with established standards and guidelines as set forth by accredited programs.

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Surface Characterization

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