Song Vick

Laboratory and ResearchTechnician

Lab : ISC3, 1223
Lab Phone: (757) 221-3819
Email Address: [[scvick]]


Song Vick is a Laboratory and Research Technician working for the College of William and Mary's Surface Characterization Lab at the Applied Research Center (ARC) in Newport News.  She can provide assistance in the use of the Hitachi 4700 Feild Emissions Scanning Electron Microscope, the Hirox KH-3000 Light Microscope, the Nicolet Nexus 670 Fourier Transform-Infrared Spectrometer, the Hummer 6.2 Sputter Coater, and the Axiolab Transmitted and Reflected Light Microscope.  Song also maintains the ARC website and Facebook page and provides rountine computer maintenance.

Prior to starting at the lab in 2009, Song worked as a Nuclear Engineer at Newport News Shipbuilding.  Song received her B.S. in Materials Engineering from Virginia Tech in 1984 and her Master of Engineering Management degree from The George Washington University in 1994.