Create a News Section

An attractive summary view of your news stories ... easy to scan.

Not sure if you want to create 'News Stories' or 'Features'?  Remember that News Stories are event driven and Features have a more general interest appeal. Note: You can not mix and match these in a listing folder. 

Need a crash course in listing folders and pages?

Step 1: Create a Listing Folder
  1. Navigate to the folder in which you wish to have your news stories listed.
  2. Select Add Content > Folder with Listing Page > Listing Folder - Stories (if this asset is not available to you, please contact your Web Manager for help)
  3. Replace the Folder Name with "news" (no quotes).
  4. Enter a Display Name of "News" (or something similar) - this will be displayed in your menus and breadcrumbs.
  5. Leave the box checked for Display in Menu if you want this page to be in your menus.
  6. Click Submit.
Example of a News Listing PageStep 2: Edit the Listing Page
  1. Edit the index page of the Listing Folder (this is the listing page)
  2. Enter a Title and (optional) teaser. This page title will display at the top of the web page.
  3. Check the appropriate boxes for displaying parent and siblings in the menu.
  4. (Optional) If you need to include any intro content before the News Stories, enter it in the "Content" editor box, or WYSIWYG. The standard example has none.
  5. Check Content & Submit.
Step 3: Create the News Story Pages
  1. Create News Stories or Borrowed Stories. Note: You MUST create them in this Listing Folder for them to be listed properly.
  2. Each News Story (or Borrowed Story) will then automatically appear on your listing page in Publication Date order.
  3. Each listed story will display the following info (pulled from the story page):  the Square Thumbnail, Title (as a link to the full story), Author, Publication Date, and Summary.
Step 4: Adjust which news stories are featured on your home page ... it's all in the folder order. (OPTIONAL)
  1. If your site does not automatically display news stories on the home page, you will first need to contact your Cascade Web Manager to activate this custom feature.
  2. Next, set the folder order of the stories.
  3. The stories you want displayed on the home page should be numbered 1 and 2 (and 3 or 4 if your site displays that many stories on its home page).

NOTE #1: Ignore the 'Top Story' checkbox (while in the edit mode of a news story). This field applies only to University News & Media's W&M News website.

Remember to Publish any changes to your site when you are ready for them to be live. If the changes affect the menus, you will need to publish your entire site's folder (root folder).