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Out-of-Country Hiring

The university recognizes the occasional need to hire or reassign an employee who will, due to the nature of a particular position or business need, reside and perform his/her work outside of the United States.

Employees who work or telecommute outside of the United States subject the university to other laws and may result in additional insurance and payroll requirements and costs. As a result, the university reserves the right to determine in advance whether the university will permit an employee's principal work location to be outside to the United States.

Accordingly, departments or business units that wish to hire or reassign an employee to work or telecommute in another country must seek and obtain prior approval following the procedure established in the Out-of-Country Employees Hiring Guide. No employee can be hired or begin employment or telecommute outside of Virginia until this approval is received.

Before You Hire

A department or business unit needing to hire or reassign an employee to work in a foreign country must articulate a significant business need and the circumstances that prevent this work from being performed in the Commonwealth of Virginia. For example, an adjunct professor with specialized education and experience is needed to teach an online course.

Approvals are not automatic and hiring managers should not assume such and make obligations prior to all approvals being granted. All deadlines are firm and are necessary to ensure that the university complies with the related laws and regulatory requirements of the foreign country.

The department or business unit must receive university approval through the process outlined below:

  1. Hiring department must verify that the employee or applicant is authorized to work in the foreign country where he/she plans to work.
  2. Hiring department initiates the Out-of-State Employee Approval Form a minimum of 120 calendar days prior to the start of the out-of-state employment. This form is in completed online through DocuSign.
  3. Hiring department must obtain cabinet member approval.
  4. Once signed, the Out-of-State Employee Approval Form is routed to Payroll for review.
  5. After Payroll signs off, the form is routed to University Human Resources for review and final approval by the Chief Human Resources Officer or their designee.
  6. Upon approval by University Human Resources, the employee must submit a Remote Work Agreement and have it signed by all parties prior to the start of out-of-state-work.
  7. University Human Resources will send the Hiring Department a Velocity Global Onboarding Requirements Form upon approval of Out-of-State Employee Approval Form.
  8. Then, the Hiring Department must complete and submit the appropriate personnel form.
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