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Internationalization: An authentic model for global mobility

On April 1, the William & Mary Higher Education Student Association (HESA),  in cooperation with the Reves Center for International Studies, hosted a presentation by Mark Harris entitled, Internationalization:  An Authentic Model for Global Mobility at the School of Education. 

Harris is the director and owner of Global Education & HR Consultancy Services, as well as the founder, President and CEO of Global Education Skills Alliance (GESA).

In his presentation, Harris described the development and implementation of a global education consortium, consisting of Holmesglen Institute of TAFE, Metropolitan Institute of TAFE and Sunshine Coast Institute of TAFE in Australia, Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology in New Zealand and Cayuga Community college, Genesee Community College, Onondaga Community College and Richard Bland College in the United States.

He elaborated on the benefits of the consortium for students, institutions, and employers. and analyzed the “why,” “how,” and “what” of the alliance, focusing on aspects of global mobility, international education and connecting education with industry and business.

Harris also outlined the challenges inherent in such an enterprise, including conflicting priorities, language barriers, lack of shared vision and the internal cultures of participating institutions.

The presentation attracted a large audience including students and some recent higher education program alumni. The presentation was followed by a brief but vigorous question and answer session.

Harris ended the presentation with a parting thought:

“Global education is not only about global themes, world challenges and how to find solutions all together. It is also about how to envision a common future with better life conditions for all, connecting local and global perspectives, and how to make this vision real and possible, starting from any small spot in the world.”