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Reves Center Initiates LINK: a Network for International Spouses

linkThe Reves Center for International Studies is sponsoring an international spouse network that is fittingly named:  the Link. The purpose of this program is clearly identified in its appellation: Reves hopes to LINK international spouses together with each other and other members of the William and Mary community in order to create a safe and enjoyable atmosphere to socialize and learn.

Weekly Meetings

The International Spouse Network officially meets once a week in the Reves Room. The meetings take place every Wednesday, beginning at 10:00 AM and ending around noon.  Snacks and meeting space are provided by the Reves Center, and spouses should come prepared to meet new people, build new relationships, and learn new things about living in Williamsburg (and the United States in general).

Clubs and Activities Organized by the Link

Several clubs and activities are in the process of being formed by the new organization. They include English Conversation Class, Book Club, Park Play Date with Children, Lunch in Williamsburg, Cooking, Couples' Supper Club, Trips to Local Places of Interest, Shopping Trips, Crafts, Movies, and many more possibilities. There is already a lot of interest in many of these activities, but each club and activity would love to have new international spouses join and become a part of this very important social network. Possible off-campus activities include: A tour of Colonial Williamsburg and other local historical sites, shopping or movie trips, & lunches out at local restaurants.

Upcoming Opportunities

1.    English Classes- On-going through the academic year. Spouses of international students and faculty members can take conversation classes through the Rita Walsh Adult Literacy Program.  They will be tested and placed in classes that are best suited to their language needs (this should accommodate everyone's language needs). The cost of the ESOL conversation class is $100 and spouses will receive fifteen hours of English instruction. Contact [[bmonteith, Barbara Monteith]] at (757) 221-1203 if you are interested in taking this English Conversation class.

2.    Conversation Partners Program- On-going throughout the academic year. The purpose of this program is to pair international spouses with a member of the William and Mary community who is willing to meet once a week for lunch or coffee and chat (you will soon become fast friends with your conversation partner!) This allows international spouses the opportunity to practice their English skills in a safe and fun environment. It also provides spouses with a English-speaking contact in Williamsburg.  Contact [[dvdeba, Debi DeBacco]] for more information

3.   Lecture on Cultural Differences- A lecture by Cortney Cain, the English as a Second Language (ESL) Manager for the Office of Graduate Studies and Research- Wednesday, September 9, 2009 at 10 AM in the Reves Room. Cortney will be discussing the Cultural Differences that many international spouses will be confronted with during their stay in the United States. This will be a very informative and helpful lecture for anyone that is unsure about American customs.


We hope that all international spouses will join us for our next meeting (Wednesdays 10:00am-12:00pm) in the Reves Room. If you have any questions about the International Spouse Network please contact [[dvdeba, Debi DeBacco]] at (757) 221-7768. Debi is coordinating the program during its beginning phase, but the program will soon be run by international spouses themselves. Karen Lee and Petra Schniepp have graciously volunteered to be this year's Programming Coordinators, so if you meet them around campus please ask them about joining the LINK!