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Congratulations to Recent Scholarship Winners

Hats off to our recent scholarship winners!

Department of State Scholarships for Arabic & Middle East Studies
William & Mary was one of five Virginia universities recently awarded a U.S. Department of State Grant for Arabic and Middle East Studies.  The grant intends to promote the study of the Arabic Language and Middle Eastern culture by funding students studying at particular institutions in the Middle East.  Students are awarded the scholarship on the basis of academic merit.  The Reves Center will administer the $140,000 grant between spring 2009 and June of 2011, granting scholarships to qualified student applicants to study in the Middle East for one or two semesters.  In May, the Reves Center announced the first-round of awardees: Maryam Hassan, Kristen Kiel, Sarah Owermohle, and Hanif Yazdi.

Maryam Hassan ('11) is majoring in International Relations with a specialization in Middle Eastern Studies.  She will spend the 2009-10 academic year at the American University in Cairo, Egypt.  During her time in Cairo, Maryam aims to become fluent in Arabic, and enhance her understanding of Islamic Studies, and Egyptian and Islamic culture.  Her long-term goals include graduate studies in international development and a career with the United Nations.

Kristin Kiel ('11) is double majoring in Government and Middle Eastern Studies.  Kristin will spend the fall semester at the University of Jordan in Amman, Jordan. While in Amman, she hopes to become fluent in Arabic, particularly expanding her colloquial dialect.  Kristin aims to use her experience in Jordan to further her career goals of a position in the U.S. government or a non-profit organization, where she can use her command of the Arabic language and first-hand understanding of Middle Eastern culture to enhance U.S.-Middle Eastern relations.sarah

Sarah Owermohle ('11) is double majoring in Government and Middle Eastern Studies. She will spend the fall semester studying in Amman, Jordan.  During her time in Amman, Sarah aims to expand her knowledge of Middle Eastern art, history, religion, and language, and hopes to intern with a women's advocacy or NGO.   After graduating, Sarah plans to enter the Peace Corps and work in Jordan.  Her long-term goals include living and working in the Levant region of the Middle East.

Hanif Yazdi ('09) is majoring in History.  He will spend the fall semester at the University of Damascus in Syria.  Already proficient in Arabic, Hanif aims to become fluent during his semester abroad, as Damascus' remarkable religious, ethnic, and political diversity provides the ideal location for exposure to diverse dialects.  Hanif aspires to a career as an anthropologist, specializing in the Middle East.

If you are in interested in Middle Eastern Studies, and you have studied Arabic for at least one year, please consider applying for a Department of State Scholarship for Arabic and Middle East Studies (pdf).  Applications for the spring semester are due October 30th.

Timothy J. Sullivan Scholarship

The Timothy J. Sullivan Scholarship, named in honor of William & Mary's 25th president, is made possible through the generosity of Christopher Fildes, an economist and long-time benefactor of the College.  The Sullivan Scholarship is awarded annually to one student, allowing him or her to study any field for one, preferably two, semesters at a first-rate British institution.  Students are awarded the scholarship based on academic merit and financial need.andy

Andrew Allen ('10), an Economics major, is this year's Sullivan Scholarship recipient.  He will spend the fall semester studying at the University of Nottingham in England.  Andrew looks forward to studying and experiencing a different economic system, traveling in Europe, and taking advantage of classes that are not available at William & Mary.  Andrew's future academic goals include graduate studies in William & Mary's School of Education.  In addition to his rigorous coursework, he plans to pursue an internship and community service in Nottingham's education system to gain first-hand experience of European education model.  Andrew hopes his experiences abroad will enhance his future career as an educator.

If you are interested studying abroad in the UK, please consider applying for the Timothy J. Sullivan Scholarship (pdf).  Applications for next year are due April 1, 2010.

Huzzah to Maryam, Kristin, Sarah, Hanif, and Andrew!