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Initial Training

All William & Mary police officers meet the required employment criteria and compulsory police academy training standards, as mandated by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services.  Additionally, all police officers are required to complete a William & Mary Police Department Field Training Program prior to being accepted as a permanent officer.  This Program requires a new officer to work with a certified Field Training Officer (FTO) for a period of three months.  During this time, the FTO ensures that the new officer performs all duties and tasks to our established standards.  A new officer must complete this phase successfully to remain at the W&M Police Department. 

In-Service Training

Policing is a complex, demanding and ever-changing profession.  Generally, police officers have to develop their more advanced knowledge, skills and abilities over-time and in sync with their respective community.  An officer graduating from the police academy has basic competencies, but that does not account for keeping up-to-date on changing laws, leading-edge police patrol and response techniques, advanced investigations of significant crimes, contemporary police-community relations issues, and other competencies associated with the most effective, progressive police methods. 

WMPD officers participate in advanced and in-service training on a continuous basis. All officers complete in-service training subjects that are mandated requirements of the Department of Criminal Justice Services. Additionally, officers participate in training the Department requires for officers, such as:

  • Investigating Sexual Assaults on a College Campus
  • Trauma Informed Interviewing
  • Responding to an Armed Person
  • Fair and Impartial Policing
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Legal Updates
  • Responding to Critical Incidents
  • Rape Aggression Defense Instructor Training
  • Handling of Property and Evidence
  • Use of Force and Firearms Qualifications
  • Community Policing