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Student Computers

and Software


At William & Mary we require all incoming students to own a notebook computer. A laptop just makes it easier for you to stay connected with classmates, professors and administrators no matter where you might be on campus.  

The William & Mary Bookstore carries an assortment of Dell laptops online and purchasing the recommended Dell laptop means your computer comes with a warranty, including coverage for accidents.

Mac Users
Apple offers discounts to students at educational institutions. For special pricing and details about personal purchases please visit

Bring your own Computer

Do you already have a computer that you plan to bring to campus?  Information Technology recommends that all computers have at minimum:

  • Intel i5 processor or higher
  • 256GB hard drive or higher
  • 8GB of RAM or higher
  • The latest Windows or Mac operating system

Academic programs may have different computer requirements, including both undergraduate and graduate programs in the School of Business, which recommend PCs with the latest Windows Operating System instead of Macs.

Chromebooks are not recommended. They are likely not to meet academic computing requirement needs, especially as it pertains to the installation of software.

Service Agreement

Computer Service Level Agreement for Students

Order Software

Microsoft Office
A no-cost licensed version of Microsoft Office is free to most students while enrolled at W&M.  

Licensed Software
Lots of additional licensed software is available for student use.