Faculty Resources

Faculty play perhaps the most critical role in preserving an environment where honesty and academic integrity flourish. , faculty at William & Mary may find themselves in a position to report violations of the honor and student codes; to this end we offer resources to support your role in the area of student conduct.

Resources for Creating and Maintaining a Climate of Integrity

Maintaining an ethical classroom environment is an ongoing endeavor. We offer a host of resources for the purpose of assisting you in creating a climate of honor in the classroom.

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Tips to Prevent Academic Dishonesty in Your Course (pdf)
Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Honor Code and Code of Student Conduct
Model Syllabus Language regarding the Honor Code

Faculty Honor Liaisons are trained faculty members who can provide support for fellow faculty with questions or issues in their classrooms.

Reporting Violations: 

Prior to referring a matter for review by the Honor Council, the Code requires the reporter to make a good faith effort to allow the student to discuss the matter and, if applicable, offer an explanation for the conduct. Please consult the Honor Code FAQ section for information regarding the process for addressing and reporting an honor violation.

Our staff also is available to consult and offer guidance as to how to structure the conversation; please call us at 221-2509.