High School Students

Registration procedures differ depending on your status:

Continuing high school students

Those who will be rising high school sophomores, juniors, or seniors over the summer in which courses are taken are considered "Non-Degree Seeking Concurrent High School Students" and should register through the Admissions Office according to their instructions

Graduating high school students

 Those who will be finishing their senior year shortly before or during DC Summer Session are NOT considered "concurrent" high school students and should register through the Registrar's Office as "Non-Degree Seeking Students" using the following steps.

Step 1: Complete the Form

Complete the Non-Degree Seeking Registration Form (pdf) and send it to the:

The College of William and Mary
Office of the University Registrar
P.O. Box 8795
Williamsburg, Virginia 23187-8795

Fax Number: (757) 221-2151

The form will be used to create or reactivate the student's record in the College's Student Information System. Once you have a registration record, you will be allowed to use the on-line registration system (Banner Self Service) to drop, add, and withdraw from classes.

Unclassified students will be granted access to the online registration system within twenty-four hours (one business day) of the activation or creation of the unclassified student record.

Step 2: Apply for In-State Tuition Rate

If you are a Virginia resident, and want to qualify for the Virginia tuition rate, complete the Application for In-State Tuition Privileges (pdf) and submit it with your application.

Incoming W&M Freshman who have previously filed this application do not need to refile it. Simply attach a note to your Non-Degree Seeking Registration form indicating that fact.