DCSI Site Visits and Speakers

Site visits and speakers change from year to year and vary with each Institute. See below for site visits and speakers from previous years' Institutes:

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Jeff Trammell

Bob Witeck

Diplomatic Courier

Paul Begala: Political Strategist

Sharona Robinson: Deputy Mayor of Education

David Culver: NBC

Penelope Spain: Open City Advocates

Nancy Gofus


Civic Enterprises

DC Central Kichen

Paula Reid: CBS News

Senator Mark Warner

Michael Powell: NCTA

Literacy Lab

Service Year Alliance

Dream Scholars

Greg Schneider: The Washington Post

Sarah Binder: Professor of Political Science, The George Washington University

Lily Mason: Professor of Government & Politics, University of Maryland, College Park

Jeffrey Young: The Huffington Post

John Hagner: Clarity Campaigns

Jason Torchinsky

Mark Farkas: C-SPAN

Julie Silverbrook: ConSource

Meet the Press

Emily Shaw: Sunlight Foundation

Brian Mahoney: Politico

Jeff Gottfied: Pew Research Center

Cate Domino: Social Media Director, DNC

Rep. Rob Wittman

Reece Pelley: Sen. Lindsay Graham's Office

Nan Aron: Alliance for Justice

Alexis Cox: PBS News Hour

Ira Rubenstein: PBS Headquaters

Ann Peters: Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting

Alice Massie: AFI

Matthew MacArthur: National Museum of American History

Angelika Pop-Up

GoodFight Media

Brian Boyer: NPR

Hilary Waldron: MLM International

Rand Waldron: FBI

Save Solimini: Truman National Security Project

Office of the Secretary of Defense

Embassy of the Republic of Korea

National Geospatial Intelligence Foundation

John Burnham: US Navy Seal

Margaret Murphy: Foreign Relations Committee

Eric Sayers & Anne Dreazen: House of Representatives

Department of Agriculture

Russell Travers & Ami Bagia: NCTC

US State Department



John Gann: DC Shorts

Alice Massie: AFI

Mark Farkas: C-SPAN

William Williams: Discovery Channel

Melissa Basangi: National Museum of the American Indian

Alexis Cox: PBS News Hour

Tiffany Bryant: Kennedy Center

Matt Bennett: ThirdWay

Matthew MacArthur: National Museum of American History

Ann Peters: Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting


The Aspen Institute

Senator Warner

Senator Kaine

Congressman Steny Hoyer

Civic Enterprises

National Conference on Citizenship

Doug Bunch

Caesar Chavez High School

Michael Powell: NCTA

DC Central Kitchen

Steve Velasquez: National Museum of American History

Melissa Carrillo: National Museum of the American Indian

Michael Powell: National Cable & Telecommunications Association

Peter Apps: Reuters

Senator Tim Kaine

Senator Mark Warner

Ronald Neumann: Ambassador to Algeria, Bahrain, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Meg Murphy: Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Michael Greenwald: U.S. Department of the Treasury

Doug Bunch: Global Playground

Douglas Farah: President of IBI Consultants