Courses Offered

Please note that not every course is offered every semester. You can view current course offerings through the College's Dynamic Schedule.

COLL100s taught by physics faculty:
Physics Courses (PHYS)

101. General Physics I

102. General Physics II

101H. General Physics I - Honors

102H. General Physics II - Honors

101L General Physics Laboratory I

102L. General Physics Laboratory II

107. Physics for the Life Sciences I

108. Physics for the Life Sciences II

107LGeneral Physics Laboratory

108L. General Physics Laboratory

121. Physics of Music
 (GER 2A)

150. Freshman Seminar
 (COLL 150)

155. Freshman Research

171. Planetary & Stellar Astronomy (COLL 200; GER 2A)

172. Stellar Astronomy & Cosmology (COLL 200; GER 2A)

177. Astronomy Laboratory 

201. Modern Physics (COLL 200)

208. Classical Mechanics of Particles and Waves I

213. Introduction to Modern Optics (COLL 200)

251. Experimental Atomic Physics

252. Electronics I

255. Sophomore Research

256. Practical Computing for Scientists

301. Introduction to Mathematical Physics

303. Classical Mechanics of Particles and Waves II

309. Undergraduate Seminar

313. Quantum Mechanics I

314. Quantum Mechanics II

351. Electronics II

352. Experimental Modern Physics

355. Junior Research

401. Electricity and Magnetism I

 Electricity and Magnetism II

403. Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics

411. Nanomaterials Synthesis, Properties and Applications 

451-452. Physics Research

471-472. EPAD - Capstone Engineering Design Senior Project

476. Modern Astrophysics

481. Topics in Physics

495-496. Honors