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Bringing Music to J-House!

Junko IshizuThe language-house fellow are back after a two-year hiatus due the COVID pandemic! The Japanese Studies program is thrilled to welcome as fellow Ms. Junko Ishizu. Ishizu-san hails from the beautiful city of Kobe, in western Japan.  A music lover, she received her B.A. in piano performance from the Osaka College of Music.  She also holds an M.A. in language pedagogy from Columbia University, and has taught Japanese at several institutions, including the prestigious Inter-University Center, in Yokohama. We asked Ishizu-san about some of her favorite things; her responses are below, in Japanese and English.


My pastimes include playing the piano, reading, and watching Japanese and American TV series and films. On piano, I enjoy playing not just classical, but works in various genres. As for reading, an interesting book I read recently is Tanizaki Jun’ichiro’s In Praise of Shadows; from it I learned that the light conditions in Japanese houses in the old days were very different from today. When it comes to TV and movies, I prefer comedies.


My favorite time of the day is twilight. In Japan, I would eat dinner each evening on my balcony while watching the beautiful sun set behind a nearby mountain.  The evening light is lovely here in Virginia, too.


As for music, a song that appeals to me recently is Kaze Fujii’s “Let’s Go Home.” Since attending his concert in June, I’ve become a big fan.


My favorite foods are eel and beef.  I get a craving for them whenever I’m feeling very tired, and they always give me energy.


My favorite actor is Miura Haruma. Regrettably, he died two years ago.  Even now, I can’t forget his brilliant acting, born of relentless effort; his beautiful, translucent eyes; or his appearance. The movie Never Let Me Go, based on the novel by Nobel Prize winner Kazuo Ishiguro, tells a dark story, but in it, Miura’s acting ability and his translucent quality really shine.