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Where to Start

The Program in Medieval and Renaissance Studies is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on the study of Europe between 300 CE and 1700 CE. Since most of the courses required for majors and minors must be taken at the 300- and 400- level, first year students interested in the program should enroll in the lower-division  introductory courses that count toward both the major and minor. Specifically, you should consider

  • History 240: The Crusades;
  • English 203: British Literature I;
  • English 205: Introduction to Shakespeare;
  • Religion 210 Introduction to the History of Christianity;
  • Religion 211: Introduction to the History of Jewish Thought; and
  • Religion 212: Introduction to Islam Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Majors must complete one course above the 202 level in a modern European language or in Arabic, ancient or modern Hebrew, Latin, or ancient Greek. So if you are contemplating a major in the program, you should work on fulfilling this language requirement as soon as you can. Note that literature in translation courses do not count toward the foreign language requirement for the major, though they may count as electives.

Finally, Medieval and Renaissance Studies majors are strongly encouraged to prepare another major in one of the traditional disciplines that contributes to the Med-Ren program, particularly if you wish to pursue graduate study. As a result, first year students considering a Med-Ren major should also focus on fulfilling prerequisites for a major in the disciplinary area in which they have the greatest interest. For further information, please contact the program's director.