Simon Teaching Prize

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Dr. John Simon, W&M '64, and Olinda Simon, W&M '63, have established the Simon Prize for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics. The annual award will be made to an outstanding teacher of mathematics at the College. 

The purpose of the Simon Prize is to reward an inspirational teacher who teaches students of all capabilities, slow learners as well as those with a facility for mathematics, to understand and enjoy mathematics at any level.

Receipients (Award Year) 

  • Dana Johnson (2002)
  • Larry Leemis (2003)
  • Vladimir Bolotnikov (2004)
  • Sebastian Schreiber (2005)
  • R. Michael Lewis (2006)
  • Dana Johnson and Nicholas Loehr (2007)
  • Chi-Kwong Li (2008)
  • Nahum Zobin (2009)
  • Ilya Spitkovsky (2010)
  • Ryan Vinroot (2011)
  • Marylou Zapf (2012)
  • Sarah Day (2013)
  • Frans Schalekamp (2014)
  • David Lutzer (2015)

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