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Distinguished Speakers and Visiting Professors

Judaic Studies Distinguished Speakers and Visiting Professors

The Judaic Studies Program augments its regular faculty offerings by inviting distinguished guest scholars and guest professors each semester to teach classes, conduct seminars, and deliver public lectures.

Over the past years, we have had the pleasure of welcoming the following distinguished speakers and guest lecturers on campus:

  • Todd Endelman
  • Sheila Silver (composer)
  • Eric Goldstein
  • Riv-Ellen Prell
  • Pamela Nadell
  • Ronald Veenker
  • Sam Meier
  • S. David Sperling
  • Lisa Leff
  • David Biale
  • Naomi Seidman
  • William Cutter
  • Lewis Barth
  • Dvora Weisberg
  • Amos Funkenstein
  • Christopher Browning
  • Patricia Heberer
  • Michael Brenner
  • James E. Young
  • Jonathan Hess זיכרונו לברכה
  • Berel Lang
  • Alan T. Levenson
  • Millicent Marcus
  • Frank Wolff
  • Stefanie Fischer
  • Martha Nussbaum
  • Steven Weitzmann
  • Martin Goodman
  • Tova Mirvis
  • Adi Ophir (Spring 2020)
  • Yitzhak Melamed (Spring 2020)