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Conspiracy Theories & Misinformation / Vaccines: Professor Jaime Settle appears as guest on local Public Media

Government Professor Jaime Settle was a guest expert on HearSay, on WHRO Public Media. Program host, Cathy Lewis, asked Settle about the quality and source of today’s news stories, and if facts are being left in the dust.

As the Director of the Social Networks and Political Psychology Lab (SNaPP) at William & Mary, Settle discussed the present-day news climate and the difference between conspiracy theories and deliberate misinformation. “A lot of times these rumors and misinformation actually get started as disinformation.” Settle explained. “The distinction is there are people who are deliberately crafting information that they know to be false. I wouldn't discount the fact that there is purposeful spread of this kind of information.”

The discussion continued, with additional guest experts, speaking about how human psychology reacts to the speed and delivery of misinformation. Listen to the discussion, which took place on December 9, 2020. HearSay archives all episodes on its website.