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Undergraduate Research in Russian and Post-Soviet Studies

The Russian and Post-Soviet Studies program encourage all students to gain some experience in independent research. You will learn research basics in many of your courses. Independent research lets you take those skills and apply them to a research topic or question of your own.

Talk to an RPSS professor who is teaching or doing research on a topic similar to the one you want to explore. Ask them how best to get started with that, and if they would serve as your research project advisor. Independent Study projects, Honors projects, and internships all need to have a faculty member supervising your work.

The RPSS program also has several venues where you can show your work:

  • William and Mary in St. Petersburg. This site contains research projects completed by our students in the course of the William & Mary Summer Study Abroad Program in St. Petersburg.
  • Student Research in Russian and RPSS Programs - this blog site documents some of the work done by students
  • The Russian Movie Theatre Project - this is an archive and study of film exhibition in St. Petersburg during the 20th century.
  • Russia's Periphery - This website was created for senior colloquium (HIST491c) run by Professor Corney in Spring 2009. The course investigated the histories and cultures of 'peripheral' areas around Russia proper, areas that are often ignored in broader lecture courses on tsarist or Soviet Russia.