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New Book Publication by Richard Turits and Lauren Derby

Terreurs de frontière: Le massacre des Haïtiens en République dominicaine en 1937 by Lauren Derby and Richard Turits.

Terreurs de frontière : le massacre des Haïtiens en République dominicaine en 1937 comprises essays on the 1937 Haitian Massacre and the Haitian-Dominican borderlands and oral testimonies from refugees of the Massacre gathered by Lauren Derby and Richard Turits in the mid-1980s. Terreurs de frontière reveals how before the Massacre, the border regions were highly integrated and bicultural with relative socio-economic equality among ethnic Haitians and ethnic Dominicans, who had lived together peacefully for generations. That world was eviscerated by the Massacre and suppressed by the anti-Haitian rewriting of history in the Dominican Republic that followed this mass slaughter. Terreurs de frontière is thus a work both of history and collective memory.

The collection of essays and oral histories is edited and introduced by Dr Watson Denis, professor of Haitian Social Thought, Caribbean History, and International Relations at the State University of Haiti. It is available in book stores in Port-au-Prince, Santo Domingo, and in the U.S. at