Alumni Updates: Class Years 2005-09

Class of 2007

Lizzy Anthony: "Environmental consulting in Washington DC." [updated 2007]

Tyler Atkins: "I am going to take some time off before going on to graduate school (probably a M.S. in marine science). This summer I will be working as a fly fishing instructor for the Orvis Co. in Manchester, Vermont.  I will also be helping out with two research project on barracuda and bonefish in South Caicos". [updated 2007]

Julia Brockman: "She will continue on to work towards the preservation of all life." [updated 2007]

Liz Burroughs: "After staying in Williamsburg for the summer doing research for her Global Environmental Governance class, Liz plans to travel on the biodiesel bus educating about green living and doing community organizing." [updated 2007]

Charlotte Fallon: "After graduation, I’ll be working as a nursing asst at MCV on the oncology floor and as a paramedic with the rescue squad before applying to med school and hopefully getting into an md or environmental health program." [updated 2007]

Erin Fenlon: "attending the National Outdoor Leadership School for a semester in the Rocky Mountains and eventually plans to get her masters degree in geology or environmental science." [updated 2007]

Stefanie Gera: "Stefanie will be attending graduate school at W&M's Virginia Institute of Marine Science this fall.  She will be working to develop a temperature & salinity matrix to determine what habitats are more likely to be invaded by the harmful marine snail Rapana venosa." [updated 2007]

Ricky Gruntz: "I am going to continue my education the next four years at the University of Maryland's Dental School in Baltimore, MD." [updated 2007]

Heather Heiser: "My plans for the future are to get a job as a histo-technologist in marine science." [updated 2007]

Shari Hower: "Possibly going into environmental consulting or law". [updated 2007]

Miranda Hutten: "My plans for the future are to continue working with Project Level Aid and work in Bosnia as a teacher." [updated 2007]

James Jackson: "I never would have dreamed 4 years ago that all the hard work here would have earned me a full ride to the University of Hawaii. I hope to put my environmental science education to good use working to preserve the world’s oceans and reefs (and what’s wrong with getting in some surfing while I’m at it?)" [updated 2007]

Courtney Liesner: "I will be attending graduate school at Washington State University in the fall. I will be receiving my Masters in Botany while doing plant research.  My long-term plans are to get a PhD and after my post-doctoral work acquire a position as a professor and get undergraduates/graduates students to do my research." [updated 2007]

Kate Luciano: "I have really enjoyed taking classes in the environmental science department, the people and professors are wonderful and they're definitely some of the best classes I've had in college! I love it so much that next year I'm going to study it in graduate school as well." [updated 2007]

Elizabeth Moore: "I will be interning at Dayspring Farm in King and Queen County in September and October, and from there am applying for an internship in Tropical Agriculture, with a hope of eventually doing environmental/sustainable agricultural work in developing countries.  Or possibly something will take me back to France.....But who knows what will work out.  We'll see." [updated 2007]

Erin Morgan: "After graduation I will be working as an environmental educator aboard the tall ship Adventuress, teaching marine ecology and nautical science. The programs are conducted by the nonprofit organization Sound Experience in Port Townsend, Washington. I am also planning to apply to graduate school for the Fall of 2008." [updated 2007]

Kristin Pederson: "This summer I am working for the Udall Foundation in Tucson, and next year I am entering an agro-ecology program at the Life Sciences University of Norway on a Rotary scholarship." [updated 2007]

Kate Prengaman: "I'm taking my interest in ecology and environmental science to a summer job in Anchorage with the Alaska Marine Conservation Council. After that, plans are still vague, but she plans to be happy! (and also look for internships and research positions related to ecology and writing, and then maybe graduate school, and eventually work in environmental journalism)." [updated 2007]

Laura Sauls: "Next year, I will continue to take on interdisciplinary challenges while studying for a MPhil in Development Studies at Oxford University." [updated 2007]

Gina Sobel: "I am helping to organize a 10-month bio-diesel bus tour of the south east that is focused on community organizing around climate change. Before we hit the road in October, I will be working at a couple farms around Virginia and getting in some good wandering." [updated 2007]

Jeff Stacey: "Looking forward to my upcoming move to Philadelphia where I will be a first year law student at Drexel University.  I intend to pursue a career in Environmental Law; however, when the announcement comes that the band Phish is reuniting, I'm quitting everything and following them on tour." [updated 2007]

Jean Still: "I will be attending the Nicholas School of Environment and Earth Sciences at Duke University in Ecosystem Science and Management this fall. I will be employed at Draper Aden Associates, an engineering firm, as an Environmental Specialist this summer." [updated 2007]

Gordon Stillman: "I will be pursuing a career in architecture, quite possibly green architecture." [updated 2007]

Hallie Street: "Next year I will be attending graduate school to pursue a Masters degree in vertebrate paleontology." [updated 2007]

Shelbi Wilson: "I have spent the past two summers working for the VA Dept of Environmental Quality and hope to continue working in regulation in the future. I have lots of promising job offers and interviews are starting to appear." [updated 2007]

Matthew Wolak: "I will be starting a PhD in Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology at UC Riverside." [updated 2007]

Class of 2005

Owen McDonough: “I am currently a Ph.D student in the BEES (Behavior-Ecology-Evolution-Systematics) interdisciplinary graduate program at the University of Maryland (of the approximately 50 Ph.D students, 5 of us are WM Alums!) My studies focus on stream ecosystem processes and functions with the goal of restoring impaired running-water networks and their watersheds.” [updated 2006]