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Internship Credits

What is College policy on credit for an internship?

Under College policy, students may not receive credit for simply doing an internship, but only for academic work based on such an experience through "an approved program which provides an opportunity to apply and expand knowledge under expert supervision in an on or off-campus position."  Such internships should provide a "structured learning experience," and "must be approved in advance by the department, and evaluated by a William and Mary faculty member."  Finally, getting credit requires not only the hands-on experience of the internship but "an analytic or research component, and a final, written report."

How do you go about arranging to receive Economics Credit?

Credit for an internship in economics is received by enrolling in Economics 398, which is a one credit, pass/fail course.  Economics 101 and 102 are prerequisites for this course.  If a more substantive project is envisioned, a student may also enroll in independent study (Economics 490) for up to 3 credits.  A faculty member must agree to supervise this course.  It is treated just as any other independent study would be treated. 

There must be close supervision by both a supervisor and a faculty member teaching in the academic area most closely associated with the internship.

An internship contract must be completed and signed by the student, the supervisor, the faculty member, and the department chair.  This contract will include a well-written, concise proposal explaining the tasks and duties to be undertaken during the internship.  In addition, the analytic/research component that will be involved in the internship will be described along with the anticipated hours to be worked at the sponsoring firm and the anticipated length of the capstone report to be completed at the end of the internship. 

An evaluation letter from the supervisor near the completion date of the internship is required.

The comprehensive internship package to be submitted by the student at the end of the internship experience will include the following:

  • Title Page:  Student name, supervisor's name and title, his/her telephone number, date/semester, and duration of internship experience.
  • Organization Background:  A brief overview of the internship organization's history, mission, and activities.
  • Supervisor's Evaluation:  An evaluation of performance from the internship supervisor.
  • Capstone Report:  a report on the analytic and/or research component of the internship experience, specifically related to some aspect of economics. 

In order to enroll in Economics 398, students must submit the Internship for Academic Credit form.