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An illustrated guide to the online application process [pdf].

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Fee | Recommendations | Transcripts | GRE Supplemental Requirements | Fee Waivers

Application Fee

A non-refundable processing fee of $50 is required for application for admission to a graduate program in Arts & Sciences.

Letters of Recommendation

Your recommenders will be contacted as soon as you submit their contact information on your application – not after you complete your application. Please be sure that the individuals who have agreed to write letters of recommendation on your behalf are aware of this.

Official Transcripts

You are required to provide official transcripts or marks statements and degree certificates from all institutions of higher education that you have attended. These documents will be considered official when transmitted in one of the following ways:

  • U.S. and Canadian institutions may electronically submit transcripts to [[wdcart, Wanda Carter]] in the Office of Graduate Studies and Research via the institution's electronic vendor and using secure portals. This is the preferred method. A transcript sent electronically by the applicant or through open email or portals will not be accepted as official. Transcripts submitted electronically by institutions outside of the U.S. and Canada will not be accepted.
  • Submitted in the institution's sealed envelope and sent directly to the degree program to which you are applying by the Registrar at that institution. Be sure to provide the correct mailing address for the program, which can be found on the program admission pages, to ensure that your transcript, marks statement, or degree certificate is received. If you do not use the correct mailing address, there is a good chance that your transcript will be misdirected, thus delaying your consideration for admission.
  • Submitted in the institution's sealed and stamped envelope and either mailed or delivered by you to the program to which you are applying. The transcript must be placed by the Registrar at the institution in an official university envelope addressed to you. In addition to sealing the envelope, the Registrar at the institution must date and sign, stamp, or place the seal of the institution on the back flap. Upon receipt by the graduate program to which you are applying, if there are any signs that the envelope has been opened or tampered with in any way, the transcript will be rejected.

William & Mary reserves the right to assess whether transcripts submitted electronically or directly by the applicant in the institution's sealed and stamped envelope will be considered official.

Graduate Record Exam (GRE) Scores

Some graduate programs in Arts & Sciences currently require GRE scores as part of an application and some do not.  If submitting GRE Scores, results of all three portions of the GRE General Test must be received directly from the Educational Testing Service (ETS). Use the William & Mary institution code 5115 to ensure that your scores are sent to William & Mary. Only scores sent directly to William & Mary by ETS will be accepted.

If you did not initially select William & Mary as an institution to receive your scores, Additional Score Reports can be ordered online in your ETS Account for a fee. Score reports will be sent to your designated institutions approximately five business days after your order is placed.

If you take the computer-delivered GRE General Test, your official scores will be available in your ETS Account and sent to the institutions you designated approximately 10-15 days after your test date. ETS releases electronic test scores to institutions every Wednesday and Friday after 6 pm.

If you take the paper-delivered test, your official scores will be available in your ETS Account and sent to the institutions you designated within five weeks after your test date.

For individuals testing on or after July 1, 2016, GRE test scores are valid for five years after your test administration date. For example, scores for a test taken on July 3, 2018, are reportable through July 2, 2023.  For tests taken prior to July 1, 2016, scores are reportable for five years following the testing year in which you tested (July 1– June 30).  GRE scores earned prior to July 2013 are no longer reportable.

Supplementary Materials Required by the Degree Program to Which You Are Applying

Some programs require additional supplementary information (e.g., GRE subject test score or a writing sample) to complete an application to their program. The online application form will prompt you to submit any supplementary materials required by the program to which you are applying.

Additional Requirements and Instructions for International Applicants
If you are an international applicant, you must supply documentation in addition to the requirements outlined above before your application can be given full consideration.

Application Fee Waivers

The following applicants may request waivers of the application fee:

  • McNair Scholars: Request that a letter be sent from your undergraduate institution to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research confirming your McNair Scholar status.
  • Graduate Fellowships for STEM Diversity: Send to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research a copy of the letter notifying you of your selection as a GFSD Fellow.
  • Active duty and honorably discharged members of the U.S. armed forces: Send to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research a copy of your Leave Earning Statement (LES) or DD214.
  • Fulbright Scholars: Send to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research a copy of the letter notifying you of your selection as a Fulbright Fellow

In addition, applicants who have completed certain volunteer service programs or will have earned a degree from a Minority Serving Institution may request a waiver of the application fee:

  • U.S. Peace Corps, Teach for America, or AmeriCorps: Anyone who has completed a full term of service for the U.S. Peace Corps, Teach for America, or AmeriCorps is eligible for a fee waiver. Please send a copy of your certification of service to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research for verification of eligibility.
  • Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs): Applicants who have earned or are in the process of earning an undergraduate or graduate degree from a MSI may qualify for an application fee waiver. Have your official transcript sent directly to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research for verification of  eligibility.

    Minority Serving Institution (MSI) is a broad classification of U.S. higher education institutions that includes Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs), Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs), and Asian American and Pacific Islander Serving Institutions (AAPISIs). The Center for MSIs at Rutgers University maintains a current list of institutions classified in this way.

If you are claiming one of these application fee waivers, your application will not be processed until the required documentation has been received. Be sure that the required documentation is received well in advance of the application deadline for your program to ensure that your application receives full consideration. If you pay the application fee while waiting for the fee waiver to be approved, we will be unable to issue a refund to you. Please contact [[wdcart,Wanda Carter]] with questions concerning the waiver requests listed above.