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Research Resources

This page contains links to sites that provide resources for studying the ancient world. The number of classics-related sites is constantly growing, so what is presented here is a very small selection of what is actually available. For access to more sites, the links listed in the first section below ("Megasites and Search-Engines") will provide you with bountiful opportunities for exploration. If you find links on this page that are no longer working, or if you have suggestions for additions or improvement, please contact us.

Megasites and Search Engines
  • What Do You Want to Know Today? A unified front-end page that will allow you to search for things in many of the other sites listed below. A good place to start.
  • Perseus: Provides abundant material for the study of the Greek world: Images, maps, diagrams, texts (Greek and English), Lexicon, Encyclopedia. A Roman version is in the works.
  • Diotima: Resources for the study of Women in the Ancient World: Bibliographies, Course Materials, Translated Texts, Images.
  • Electronic Resources for Classics: A well organized collection of links, far more extensive than what you will find on this page
  • Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology: A searchable database of electronic information. 
  • Atrium: Classics in the news; the ancient world on television; job opportunities; conference announcements; links to other sites.
  • De imperatoribus Romanis: An Internet encyclopedia of the Roman emperors. Includes links to maps, coins, and other ancillary materials.
  • VRoma: A major new project desinged to provide an interactive environment and electronic resources for learning Latin and Roman civilization. Still under construction, but already interesting.
  • Survey of Audio-Visual Resources for Classics by Janice Siegel.
  • The Latin Library: A very useful online database of ancient Latin texts.
  • New Testament Gateway: A very useful set of links to material on the New Testament, including interlinear translations of the New Testament.
  • ANRW: A work of international cooperation in the field of historical scholarship. Its aim is to present all important aspects of the ancient Roman world, as well as its legacy and continued influence in medieval and modern times. Subjects are dealt with in individual articles written in the light of present day research. For more information, click HERE.

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Bibliographies and Reviews

Below are select useful links; for a more complete list, visit the Swem Library.

  • L'Annee Philologique: Bibliography of Classics books and articles. 
  • Bryn Mawr Classical Review: Online book reviews of interest to classicists and archaeologists. Searchable archive of past issues.
  • Gnomon: Searchable bibliographical databank (mostly in German)
  • TOCS-IN: Database of the tables of contents of recent Classical jounals.
  • Nestor: Bibliographical database for the Bronze Age Aegean.
  • Zenon: Online bibliography of particular interest to classical archaeologists (mostly in German).
  • Arts and Humanities Citation Index: You can access this index through Swem. Once you have arrived at the site (you may need to go through the proxy server), you can use this index for a number of purposes. One of the most useful is to see who has cited a particular author or work after that work has been published.

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Electronic Publications

This is just a small sample of electronic journals. The American Philological Association maintains a more conprehensive list. 

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Classical Organizations

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Other Sites

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