Biology Department microscopy resources include a laser scanning confocal microscope, automated and manual epifluorescent microscopes, fluorescent stereoscopes, a field emission scanning electron microscope (FESEM), and a transmission electron microscope (TEM). 

Confocal microscope Nikon A1R inverted microscope equipped with resonant scanner, spectral imager, perfect focus technology and fully automated stage with temperate regulated growth chamber for live cell imaging. This confocal is equipped with 404, 488, 561, and 639 nm laser lines.
Epifluorescent microscope Fully automated Nikon TE2000 epifluorescent inverted microscope, equipped with a digital CCD camera
Olympus epifluorescent microscope Manually operated Olympus BX53 epifluorescent microscope equipped with dual monochrome/color camera
Olympus stereoscope Olympus SZX16 fluorescent and brightfield stereoscope equipped with color camera
Zeiss stereoscope Zeiss Discovery.V12 fluorescent and brightfield stereoscope
Field emission SEM Hitachi S-4700 field emission scanning electron microscope (FESEM) equipped with EDX
Transmission electron micrscope Philips FEI CM 10 transmission electron microscope typically run at 80 kV, capable of 100kV